Staying Connected

Our clients learn from and are coached by leading interpersonal communication specialists within their field of expertise.

We assist people to build on their existing skills and add powerful new skills that help maximise their interpersonal communication skills, confidence and abilities.  Our clients benefit by learning how to:

  • increase behavioural flexibility
  • improve relationships across a broader spectrum
  • experience greater sense of personal satisfaction
  • reduce stress levels due to improved communication
  • increase their ability to positively influence outcomes

More from our participants

"Edie is a dynamic presenter who brings together many strands of learning to create a distinct approach to communication." Angela den Hollander - communic8 design.

"A full day that stretched my knowledge and thinking regarding my professional and personal life." Bev Scott. Corporate Training & Education Broker.


"Fantastic course! Insightful, funny, flowing and very informative." Joe Trimbole. EcoBright.

"Edie is amazing in terms of her skills and understanding of people and communication. I felt we only just scratched the surface." Graham Gunn. IQ4

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