Getting Connected


As organisational interpersonal communication specialists we assist clients to build resilient, supportive and powerful workplace relationships, and we are dedicated to working with our clients to ensure that they feel capable, confident and are able to achieve their interpersonal communication goals.
We work with the individual, assisting them to increase their behavioural flexibility, and we liaise with the organisation's leaders to ensure maximum skills uptake.


We have been working with and consulting to Australian business, large and small, since 1992. Our clients include government, large and medium enterprise.  Our experience spans the medical, legal, engineering, telecommunications, banking, insurance and accounting sectors and we have worked with national and international clientele.

Edie Hester, (Pictured) B.TR.Dev., Grad Dip ConfRes, Grad Cert CounsPsychpthy, MNLP, MBTI accred, is the Director of The Training Connection and the Principal Consultant for the Interpersonal Communication programs and services. 


The Training Connection offers a specialised suite of services and programs designed to suit your particular situation and needs. During each program participants have ample opportunity to develop their skills range, learn to apply skills across a variety of situations, from easy to more complex scenarios, and gain the confidence to put their skills to immediate use. 

We provide:

  • Conflict resolution programs
  • Negotiation skills programs
  • Advanced communication skills development programs
  • Leadership and management programs
  • Consultation
  • Counselling service
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